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What's A Smart Phone?
What's A QR Code?

What can QR codes contain?
QR codes for Marketing
QR codes = Measurable print
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A smartphone is a high-end mobile phone which combines the functions of a personal digital assistant (PDA) and a mobile phone. Today's models typically also serve as portable media players and camera phones with high-resolution touchscreens, web browsers that can access and properly display standard web pages rather than only mobile-optimized sites, GPS navigation, Wi-Fi and mobile broadband access.

The term smartphone is usually used to describe phones with more advanced computing ability and connectivity than a contemporary feature phone, although the distinction can be vague and there is no official definition for what constitutes the difference between them. Source: Wikipedia
QR is the abbreviation for Quick Response, as the creator intended the code to allow its contents to be decoded at high speed. The QR code is one of the most popular types of two-dimensional barcodes. 

A QR Code is a matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by QR scanners, mobile phones with a camera, and smartphones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on white background. Source: Wikipedia

     * URLs
     * Text
     * Phone numbers
     * Complete contact information
     * SMS text messages
     * Calendar events
     * Geographic map location
QR codes for marketing are taking off as more and more consumers use them to initiate purchasing decisions. 

Examples of how businesses are using QR codes today include linking potential customers to:

  * Bonus content
  * Company websites
  * Contests or sweepstakes
  * Driving directions
  * Educational materials
  * Manuals, specification sheets
  * Printable offers and coupons
  * Sales reps, both by phone and by BlackBerry Messenger
  * Special offers sent via SMS text messages
  * Specific product pages
  * Surveys
  * Testimonials
  * Unique campaign landing pages
  * Videos and product demonstrations
  * Warrantee registration pages

and now, BroadcastPublishing™ for publishers with MobileBroadcast™ barcode 
   platform of bPub™.
An intriguing possibility is that QR codes may help revitalize printing. As online advertising has gobbled up more and more ad spending because of its low cost, reach, and measurability, print advertising has languished.

But what happens when a print ad includes a traceable QR code linking the reader to a web page?

Not only can you test different print ads with traceable QR codes, you can also quickly change the destination web page with, say, new offers.

Print suddenly becomes more dynamic, interactive and measurable.

Android, BlackBerry & other smartphones
Depending on your type of device and the exact model, one scanner may work better than another. Therefore, we are suggesting two options. From your mobile device browser, go to either:


Go to 1. 'Instant Messaging', 2. open 'BlackBerry Messenger' and 3. select Scan a"Group Bar Code". No need to take a picture, the reader will auto-scan the bar code.
Introducing a new audience of "LISTENERSHIP" for print publishers!
bPubis the new "Life Line" for print publishing awarding it with new legs to embrace its digital competitors.

The Real Deal
bPub™ innovation offers publishers integration tools which can be used to launch virtually every part of the bPub™ MobileBroadcast™ barcode solution from apps to analytics. All of these tools can be used together or individually. Our bPub™ code management platform can generate barcodes in real-time and link to analytics from our systems.
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